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With great demand for our amazing parent/child programme we are pleased to announce that we are opening a new class starting after October half term.

As your toddlers begin to feel more confident on their feet our classes are a great way for each child to climb, swing, roll and balance in our purpose built gym. 
With support from our qualified instructors, we teach the children new skills and parents how to support their child in doing these.


???? 01582 712 423






A great time for those non-schoolers and a great way to learn structure through fun and physical activity.

The children venture into the gym on their own without a parent. We encourage learning, social awareness and cognitive development, through basic gymnastic skills.

Our lobby area has the fish bowl effect, so each parent can see every aspect of the class... don't worry, we have tea & coffee in the kitchen!

Each week our special themes, from stories and physical creativity.

Throughout the class, the instructors will be showing and encouraging new skills and activities to try on the equipment. From the beginning stages of a handstand or cartwheel, skills on the bar and beam and even vaulting. Each child will receive individual tuition based on their abilities and each teacher will give specific feedback to progress the skills.

If you would like to book a free introductory class please contact us!

01582 712 423





Parents you can join our classes and see your child's progressions and confidence in the gym 

Children have optional fancy dress and parents, don't forget your cameras as you can take photos too! 

We still have one more week of classes after this. 

Any questions, do come and ask a member of staff. We are also still taking bookings for September too! 





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You can enrol for next semester as of Monday 4th June! 

The semester runs from 3rd September - 9th February. Every child is guaranteed a place in the next semester, providing we receive your £100 deposit by 23rd June, this will secure your child's space in their allocated class. Every member will receive their report card with their allocated class on. 

Non- members can book and secure their spaces as on Monday 2nd July. 

Please ask a member of staff for more details.



Have no fear, Summer camps are near!


It's that time of the year again and our Summer camps are available to book for members from Monday 23rd April! Don't worry non-members you can book from Monday 14th May. 

Our Summer camps run Monday- Thursday for the 6 weeks of the Summer holidays. 

We have two camps a day, 9.15-12.15pm & 1.15-4.15pm. 

Our camps are Ofsted registered, snacks and drinks provided and crafts too. These Summer camps are for children aged 3-8yrs old. 

We have a different theme each week, with new activities each day.

Our list of themes are as follows:
Week 1 The Treasures of Magical Mountain
Week 2 The Missing Mermaid Palace
Week 3 The Speedy Warrior Dash (Warrior Pack)
Week 4 The Dragon's Lair Slumber Party
Week 5 The Secret Clue to the Baby Animal Zoo
Week 6 The Race to Outer Space

Price per camp:

6 for 5 offer £185
(Make-ups can be used towards these)

6 for 5 offer £210

We also accept ChildCare vouchers too! 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call or email us.
01582 712 423 


Find out Summer camp schedule here 

Thank you lovely babies!

baby easter party 20178

Thank you so much for everyone that attended our Baby's First Easter Party today!  

We really appreciate you coming to support such a great charity, The NICU Appeal at the Luton and Dunstable Hospital. 

We hope you all enjoyed yourselves! 

TLG Team 


Baby's Easter Party!


Baby's Easter Party Friday 23rd March 11.30-1pm! 

We are hosting our first ever Easter Charity Party for babies and toddlers, aged 4-18 months. 

This is a special session for you and your child to have fun in the gym, learning new skills that can help towards your babies physical development, coordination, strength and so much more! 

It is also a chance to meet new friends for both yourself and your child.. what a better place to do this than our purpose built, welcoming facility. 

We have a lovely lobby area and kitchen too, where we will be providing drinks and refreshments after your fun in the gym. Our instructors will be on hand to help you with any questions throughout your visit. 

We have a small car park beside our building and two over flow car parks on site too, just a 3 minute walk from us. If you fancied a little stroll, we are a short walk from Harpenden town centre! 

Our facility is buggy friendly with baby changing facilities and a comfy place to feed. 

We welcome you and your friends to come and join us on Friday 23rd March 11.30-1pm. 
We are charging £5 per family and this money will be donated to the NICU Appeal and the L&D Hospital.

If you would like to attend our Easter Party please click 'attending' and private message us with your child's name, DOB and your email address too. 

Please don't hesitate to comment with any questions about this event. 

01582 712 423

The New Semester...


...Has Started! 

It's not too late to join our 2nd Semester, 12th February - 21st July. 

We have classes for children aged 4m-12yrs, Monday- Saturday. 
Availability varies throughout the week for different age groups. 

Why not book your child's free introductory trial for our developmental gymnastics classes, here at The Little Gym Harpenden! 

Our programmes are aimed to work with each child individually and build their skills to their level.
Our parent and child classes, teach you as the parent how to encourage and teach new skills to your toddler. 

Please call or email us to find out more. 
01582 712 7423

You can find our updated schedule on our links above too. 




5- 10th February 2018! 

We love celebrating Show Week at the end of each semester. It is great letting the parents join our classes and see their child's progressions throughout the gym... and maybe even have a turn themselves! 

Parents can take photos and children have optional fancy dress during this week too. 

Don't worry this isn't the end of our classes, our new semester starts next week 12th February 2018 and runs all the way to 21st July. 

You can enrol into classes at any point and we welcome any new members to trial their desired class first. 

Please see our schedule and feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 



Open Morning 22nd February

Bring a friend open morning Harpenden

On Thursday 22nd February we are hosting a 'Bring a Friend' morning.   


This open morning is for children aged 4m- 4 yrs (pre-school). The morning is free to come along and show your friends what we do here at The Little Gym Harpenden. 

You can bring more than one friend... with the child's parent too please! 

We will be offering tea, coffee and snacks in the kitchen and lobby area. Along with a chance to play, explore and learn skills in the gym with our qualified instructors. 

If your friends are available but you are not, don't panic... they can still come along! 

Every child that attends will receive a free 'The Little Gym t-shirt'. *subject to availability. 


Please let us know if you are coming by phone or email reply to this message so we are suitably catered. 

We look forward to hearing from you.
TLG Team

01582 712 423





Classes for 4m-12yrs

Monday- Saturday 

Morning & afternoon 

Call now to find out more!
01582 712 423

See our schedule below...
2nd Semester Schedule 

Giggle Worms 4yrs Old

Giggle Wrom 4 years Gymnastics Harpenden


Giggle Worms, everyday, Monday - Saturday! 

Giggle Worms for four year olds is the most similar programme to what we’re been used to, because if it’s not broken, why fix it!

We have found that keeping the Giggle Worms to just 4 year olds however has been a fantastic change for all the children involved. The difference in a child who has just turned four and one who is almost six is extensive not only physically but socially and emotionally too. Having the ability to separate these children has allowed us to really focus on the four year olds and progress their skills at an age appropriate level. This in turn as allowed us to have the five year olds in their own ‘Good Friends’ class which now has more of a ‘grown up’ feel to it.

We have more opportunities to prepare these children for the jump to Flips/ Hot Shots and the new structure there. Good Friends now involves group tumbling activities, chants rather than songs, varied and more advanced skills and fun ’30 second challenges’ whilst on stations. These are much closer to the activities in the Flips/ Hot Shots (6-12 years) classes and so the transition when the Good Friends turn 6 has become much easier for both the children and teachers.

Written by 

Lauren, Gym Director 


If you have a 4yr old ready for action, please call us now to find out class availability. 

01582 712 423

Great Reviews from our Members

Balance Gymnastics St Albans Harpenden Luton

Here is just a few of our reviews from our valued members here at The Little Gym Harpenden!

'My son has been attending the little gym's exciting, energetic classes for a few years now and the team never to fail to deliver. Each week is a new focus which helps to keep the children interested whilst continuing to build on their strength and basic skills. The team at Little Gym Harpenden are a lovely, friendly and approachable group and I couldn't ask for a better bunch of teachers.'

 'The Little Gym is my kids' favourite activity. They learn a lot of essential skills in a really fun environment.'

'Our two sons love their little gym sessions. They have learnt so much from them, their skills seem to improve week on week. The teachers there are amazing, always warm and welcoming. We would not be without little gym in our lives!'


We always appreciate great feedback from such committed members! 

Funny Bugs 3yrs Old

FunnyBug 3yrs The Little Gym Harpenden

Funny Bugs- Arguably the most appropriately named class on the schedule because of course all children can be ‘funny’ sometimes!

We now have a specially designed set of lesson plans that allow for more movement, creativity and chance to be themselves in the class. At 3 years old it can be very difficult to follow a structure or activity for longer than a few minutes and with our new plan we have the activities changing every five minutes, keeping the children as busy as possible and therefore engaged. We’ve had an overwhelmingly positive response from the children, they love the chance to run around during the ‘Move and Learn’ at the start (and many don’t even realised they’re learning!) and the addition of both a game and ball activity is always as winner.

The feedback from parents has been fantastic, particularly mentioning how much energy we can burn in just a 50 minute session!

Written by
Teacher Lauren, Gym Director 


If you would like to book your child into a trial class please call us. 
01582 712 423

Or see our schedule


Join Now... 6 Weeks Remaining!

Is your child settled into their new routine? Are you looking for a new activity after school or on Saturdays?

Our semester ends on February 10th 2018 and you can join our classes at any time!


With our purpose built gym, we aim to teach each child individually, whilst building their gymnastics skills. Our qualified instructors use unique spotting techniques throughout the class, to help your child become physically stronger and confident in the gym. The equipment enables your child to grow their skills on the vault, beam and bars! Every class follows a theme, that gradually develops skills over 3-4 weeks.


Every class has it's own instructors that you and your child can get to know and build a relationship.


⚡Own car parking 
⚡Easy to find location and only a 10 minute walk from Harpenden town centre 
⚡Comfortable lobby and kitchen area 
⚡Toy area, books, magazines and seating


Call or email now to find out more!
01582 712 423

See our class schedule below... 


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year The Little Gym Harpenden


We hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and are looking forward to new challenges and adventures in 2018!

We are back for normal classes on Tuesday 2nd January 2018. 

It's not too late to join, we have 6 weeks left of this Semester. 

Call us now to book your child's introductory visit.

01582 712 423

Parent Playdate!

Bugs 4-10months classes gymnastics Harpenden

We have 9 weeks left of our Semester and our 4-10month old Bugs class is every Friday 11.30-12.15pm. As of 12th February our class time will change to every Friday 2.45-3.30pm. 

45 minutes of quality time with your 4-10month old, in our safe, purpose built gym. We teach you how to support your little one through new moves to encourage and help their sitting, crawling and standing.

Did you know such a little person could do so much?!

Contact us to find out more! 
01582 712 423 


Don't forget to check out our Facebook page too! 

Gymnastics Classes 6-12years

Weekly Gymnastics classes for 6-12 years
Are you looking for a new activity after school or on Saturday?

Our semester ends on February 10th 2018 and you can join our classes at any time!

Our qualified instructors use unique spotting techniques throughout the class, to help your child become physically stronger and confident, build body strength, agility and coordination in the gym. The equipment enables your child to grow their skills on the vault, beam and bars! Every class follows a theme, that gradually develops each skill. After a fairly sedentary day at school, children need the chance to get moving, socialise and channel their energy into something fun!

Every class has it's own instructors that you and your child can get to know and build a relationship.

-Own car parking
-10 minute walk from Harpenden town centre
-Comfortable lobby and kitchen area allows you to watch the whole class 
-Baby changing facilities

Call or email now to find out more
See our class schedule below...

Midway Matinee 2017


Next week 13-18th November parents get to join our gymnastics classes and take photos! 
We have a great theme this year of 'Jungle Party!'. 

Children have optional dress up. 

So get your cameras ready and we shall see you next week! 


Book Christmas Camps Now!

Do you need some time for Christmas shopping over December? 
Book our Ofsted registered Christmas camps. 

We have 4 days of camps this year, full of 'serious fun'. 
Tuesday 19th- Friday 22nd December, 9.15-12.15pm & 1.15-4.15pm.

Our super cool theme this year is 'The Snowman's Slumber Party'... why not wear your pyjamas?! 

Call or email now to book your space!
01582 712 423 

Members can book from 30th November
Non members can book from 13th November

Convention The Little Gym 2017


The Little Gym Europe has organised in October 2017 its biennial convention held at Phantasialand (Germany) where the European network of The Little Gym Franchise Owners had a chance to meet up and network. 

This year’s convention “Springboard to your Success” focused on making ​the franchisee's business grow in a changing world.


A massive congratulations to all of our award winners, but especially owner Kate from The Little Gym Harrogate & Leeds who won the franchisee of the year award.




Franchisee of the year​

Kate Henebury
The Little Gym Harrogate and The Little Gym Leeds​
Read more about Kate's story.


Ambassador to the network

​Peter Paul​ van Reenen
The Little Gym Amsterdam and The Little Gym Den Haag
Read more on Peter-Paul's journey.


From Bugs to Jets

Vivian​ Verstraelen
Gym Director at The Little Gym Den Haag. 
Read more about Vivian. 


Growth from within​

Pierre​ Follebouckt
The Little Gym Uccle, The Little Gym Wavre & The Little Gym Wezembeek
Read more about Pierre.


Full steam ahea​​d​

Martin​ Petrov
The Little Gym Sofia
Read more about Martin.